3D Modelling

Our experienced team of 3D artists are committed to bringing your creative vision to life using techniques such as photogrammetry, scanning, and the latest 3D modelling innovations. We specialise in digitalising real-world objects, creating non-existing digital objects, and augmented reality.

Brian Clarke - Stained Glass

In the photogrammetry process, a series of cameras strategically capture multiple high-resolution photographs of an object from varying angles. These images are then processed using specialised software to create a detailed 3D model. The software analyses the variations in perspective and overlaps in the images, reconstructing an accurate representation of the object's geometry and texture. 

The resulting 3D model provides a foundation for showcasing artworks in an immersive and interactive way. Users can explore and rotate these digital replicas in virtual space, offering a unique and engaging experience.

Additionally, our team is able to create digital objects that do not yet exist in the real world, making it ideal for prototyping and visualising ideas. This innovative approach not only allows artists to realise their imaginative concepts without the constraints of cost or logistical challenges but also caters to the growing demand for supporting artists in the creation of NFTs and digital artworks. 

Whether you aim to visualise a sculpture in its intended space or reproduce a product for an advertising campaign, our 3D department is well-equipped to meet your needs, please contact our studio to discuss your project. 

Rolex Submariner 3D Animation

Augmented Reality

To complement our 3D modeling services, we also offer augmented reality solutions. The 3D designs below are best viewed on a mobile device, click the AR button in the top right corner to place them in your gallery, home or office.  

Contact us to explore the possibilities of your project, view our portfolio, or discuss specific project needs and tailored services.


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- Royal Academy Of Arts, London 

“Over a period of more than thirty years, successive members of the team at Prudence Cuming have created thoughtful images, sensitive to the individual character of each object entrusted to their studio.”

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- Transport For London

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